Warning! Please Read.

Explicit Content Warning: at times the opinions expressed in this blog and the manner in which they are expressed may be profane and/or vulgar. The author would like to extend his deepest apologies for any readers who may be offended by anything they deem to be explicit or inappropriate. However, this blog, the opinions of the author and those contributing in comments ETC., represent the opinions and views of those individuals and not those offended. Since this blog, site and the author firmly believe in the right to speak with frankness, but always with sincerity and sympathy. However, since I also happen to think of the rights and feelings of others, rather than my own mostly, I wish to alert those sensitive readers to the lack of SAFE SPACE/ZONES. Please understand that the author values ALL opinions because he understands that those opinions are formed by a lifetime of influences: from familial upbringing or geography, to education and cultural/societal/media exposure. Never will personal attacks on opinions or individuals be tolerated. Until one can empathically understand someone and all their collected life experiences and stimuli (HINT:No one can), they have no right to judge. Thank you and Make it a good day.