Some nights, I find myself wishing they will never end as I stare blankly and bathe in the light of the stars.  My manic mind begins dreaming that the stars will lend me their light and bring me closer to heaven.  Closer to my loved ones. I consequently find myself diving into my sinful past, […]

Anti-depressants and Elevated Mood

For the longest time I wondered which i would want to get rid of more, mania or depression. I seemed to have a handle on the mania at the time, and depression sucks. I’m sure most would agree, but I can’t stand depression. For me there is no escape from it evil clutches. With mania, […]

Mania and Unfortunate Triggers

As per usual, my manic episodes come on at the most inconvenient times. At first, they can be helpful. But in the end, after the spider ensnares you in its web, things go sideways. My friends are one of my biggest triggers. Being married with two children, I don’t get out much, even with my […]

Is the Bucket Full or Empty?

I want you to imagine your life as a giant Bucket. Depending on who you are, this Bucket can be as big or any kind of Bucket you like– mine’s a giant Justice League sand Bucket right now. Now life is filled with big things and little, little moments and big, and everything in between. […]

Don’t be like Biff

Hello everyone, this is Biff. Biff works 10 hour days six days a week. He is saving a lot of his money for retirement and that “rainy day” for which we all wait. Biff currently takes Crestor for high blood pressure, Xanax for anxiety, Adderall for his ADHD and Hydrocodone for his back. To go […]