What I Like About Having Bipolar Disorder

Believe it or not, the whole superhero blessing/curse dilemma is a perfect analogy for those struggling with BPD and its many symptoms. So let’s explore the gifts Bipolar leaves you and try to understand why they really are gifts. An Emotional Rollercoaster, AKA The First Gift: Yes, from one moment to the next I ride […]

Mental Illness and Intelligence (continued)

After writing the initial post a reader pointed out that I didn’t seem finished with my thought. After reading their comments, I couldn’t help but agree. Even as I hit the PUBLISH button I felt wrong about it. I’ve always enjoyed writing because it gives me the rare opportunity to actually think before saying something. […]

Mental Illness and Intelligence

It’s commonly noted that many people who are mentally ill are often highly intelligent. In fact many believe the two to go hand in hand. But, is there a causal relationship between the two? From the many people I have talked to over the years who collectively fit into many of the facets of mental […]

The Lies Mania Tells

One of the foundations of my upbringing was honesty. In the end, your word and name are all you have I was told. ” don’t drag your good name through the grease and mud of misdeeds.” It was from this framework that I imagined what the power of lying can have over a person. Old […]

BPD and Traumatic Events

Typically, I have heard that BPD can be brought on and activated if the person experiences a situation that increases stress level to extreme heights. A traumatic event would be a prime example. So, I have been wondering if, once activated, BPD can be made worse through an additional traumatic event. The reason this currently […]