Attention! Attention! All Eyes On Me!

Imagine, if you will, sitting down to watch a show for the first time. You are a late bloomer when it comes to television shows, so the hype has been built up for this particular show.

You are amped. As you begin your binge, everything is living up to your expectations, story, characters, production all come together in this glorious spectacle and you are enthralled.

Only… suddenly you’re not.

“Luke… I am your…”

Nope! Lost interest.

So goes the curse and gift of the ups and downs of BPD. For many forget that with mood comes tastes, both physical and figurative.

Here is that realm we delve into that blasts us with an array of interests, hobbies and projects with which we may become temporarily enthralled.

For that brief period we tango with our passion’s and the interpretive dance we perform is beyond comparison. But the sketchiness Of mania is never reliable on the dance floor and soon we begin to trip over our own feet.

Now, Al Pacino, amidst the “whooooya’s” would tell us to “Tango on.” But, something prevents us from getting back into rhythm.

The blessing of this “curse” truly comes in when we can fully learn to live with and accept these faults as gifts. It is only then that we can learn to truly Tango on.

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