What I Like About Bipolar Part 4: Live Free or Crash Hard

Yes, I start many projects and never finish them. Yes, I become obsessed about something and fixate on it for small increments at a time and then lose interest for weeks or even months.

I have tried to learn numerous instruments, sure that I would be committed for a lifetime. I have become obsessed with a topic or subject and attempt to know everything about it, reading and listening and watching everything I can.

But I ask: what exactly is wrong with this? Isn’t trying new things and experiences what life is all about?

the surety and over-confidence Of mania allow us to pursue things with an energy and persistence that rivals most people. That period of excitement and wonder is something I would not trade for anything. It has allowed me to become a form of renaissance man.

No, I am not that narcissistic to believe I know everything. Nor, am I always right. Far from it. But, Bipolar Disorder has allowed me to become well-read on all manners of life, love, literature, science, math and philosophy. It has given me the energy and child-like wonder that so many of us as adults lose to the chaotic nature of our daily lives. And for that, I will always be grateful.

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