What I Like About Having Bipolar Disorder: Part Deux, The Second Gift

Stemming from Bipolar’s first gift of intuition and emotional extremes is the second and most important gift: empathy. And we got it in spades!

People with BPD are often effected by the people we are surrounded by. Most importantly, the moods of others can shift our moods easily. If people were naturally born with antibodies or immunities to other people’s moods, then we haven’t got that gene. So, if “somebody’s got a case of the Mondays”, then we often do too.

Now this can suck. Most definitely, this is an obstacle to get around during anyone’s daily life. However, when others moods effect our own, we learn to empathize with anyone and anything. Like the characters in the books I read and the movies I watch, the Joys and sorrows of others can often leave me weeping.

So, gift or curse? Personally, in a world that is slowly amputating all empathy from its people, I consider this a blessing. It often allows us to easily relate to others and form new friendships. Also, it allows us to have more meaningful conversations and relationships with others.

This gift has allowed many with BPD to thrive in areas such as social work, counseling and of course, Psychiatry and Psychology. The countless people these mood maniacs helped and continue to help serves as a reminder for me that Bipolar Disorder left me with this gift. And, for that I am grateful

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