Mental Illness and Intelligence

It’s commonly noted that many people who are mentally ill are often highly intelligent. In fact many believe the two to go hand in hand. But, is there a causal relationship between the two? From the many people I have talked to over the years who collectively fit into many of the facets of mental illness, I notice a similarity. A realization or awakening. Some say they have the third eye or an empathic ability.

I see it as a unique insight into the realities of life immediately around us, as well as an unfortunate ability to see through all the bullshit and understand those realities for what they truly are. We have the power to truly understand the realities of human nature and existence and how it effects not just ourselves, but everyone and everything around us. We can see that things are broken when others cannot. Consequently, we don’t have the ability to turn it off and ignore these things to better function like everyone else. Or to rephrase, we do have the ability, it is just much harder to harness.

2 thoughts on “Mental Illness and Intelligence

  1. I’m sad that you didn’t finish that thought. Maybe you did, but it felt like you had more to add. Maybe I just found it interesting and true. What I’m trying to say is… I liked your post.

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