BPD and Traumatic Events

Typically, I have heard that BPD can be brought on and activated if the person experiences a situation that increases stress level to extreme heights. A traumatic event would be a prime example. So, I have been wondering if, once activated, BPD can be made worse through an additional traumatic event.

The reason this currently comes to mind is that I was in a bad car accident in June. Normally, I would be classified as Bipolar II with rapid cycling and occasional mixed episodes. However, Since the car accident, I have been hypomanic with little to no down periods. This has been a huge impact on my life thus far. It has been nice to experience only one down period in 8 months, but all of my symptoms appear to be worsened.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, did it get better? My main concern is that I find it much more difficult to function at work and in many other facets of my life. In fact, I am currently not working and am finding it hard to think of jobs in which I would be successful and thrive. I really hate the idea of claiming disability because it feels hard to believe in many ways that I have a disability. But I can only be jobless for so long before my family cannot afford it.

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