Some nights, I find myself wishing they will never end as I stare blankly and bathe in the light of the stars.  My manic mind begins dreaming that the stars will lend me their light and bring me closer to heaven.  Closer to my loved ones.

I consequently find myself diving into my sinful past, concluding my fate lies on the wrong side of heaven, yet the righteous side of hell.

Manic me begs the budding depressed me to not be afraid.

“Brother!” it cries. “We are together.  We are one and the same!”

But, like a Phoenix, Depression rises from the depths of my mind as manic me careens in the depths of malevolent meta-cognition.

“We are together!  We fall together!” Depression replies.

“We made our beds to lie in them proudly. proud of our great mistakes as well as our victories!”

Despite Mania’s decree, I find on this long night as I ride the manic train, if I had used common sense my choices would cost me far less.   At this point, as the night’s darkness enshrouds me, Mania becomes desperate.

“Brother!  I implore you, don’t walk away from me!  This is OUR war!”

Continuing to deny any reprieve, Depression ensnares my mind and clouds my thoughts.

“I’ve got you by the throat!  Welcome to the all-time low, the one-man show!”

These dreams that have consumed my mind, like a beacon of hope, await the good morning of depression.  I begin to tell myself that no one ever loved me.  And so, the pride of Utopia’s time has come.  The flash of Depression’s blade, guts Mania like an Ozark Blue Gill as the Undisputed Champion of Misery claims dominion over my mind.


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