Anti-depressants and Elevated Mood

For the longest time I wondered which i would want to get rid of more, mania or depression. I seemed to have a handle on the mania at the time, and depression sucks. I’m sure most would agree, but I can’t stand depression. For me there is no escape from it evil clutches. With mania, I can do breathing or other relaxation techniques. I can go off somewhere to read and be alone. Anything. When I’m depressed, it seems that nothing will pull me out of the funk. Enter anti-depressants. This had been my solo medication for about a year and then, I began to have periods of mania again. I kept reading articles warning that anti-depressants were a bad idea for people with BPD because it can elevate the mood. But, like I said, I will take mania over depression any day of the week. Anyone else having success with anti-depressants? Anyone have any issues. What has worked for you?

One thought on “Anti-depressants and Elevated Mood

  1. I’m on 450mg of Wellbutrin XL to give me a little oomph and protection from the depression sucking me in I am also on Latuda. Not only does it help with the depression, but it also keeps the mania at bay since it is an antipsychotic. It has been an excellent mix for me. Yes, I still get depressed, but not soul-sucking earth shattering standing on the edge of a chasm depression that I normally get. I’ve been hypomanic once since being on this combo. And it only lasted 4 days.

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