Mania and Unfortunate Triggers

As per usual, my manic episodes come on at the most inconvenient times. At first, they can be helpful. But in the end, after the spider ensnares you in its web, things go sideways. My friends are one of my biggest triggers. Being married with two children, I don’t get out much, even with my wife. So, friends aren’t exactly at the peak of the totem pole.

To compound the matter, I have moved out of state. Consequently, I now make a point of seeing my friends every time we visit home. Herein lies the problem with BPD. I get so geeked up, just from the anticipation of hanging out with my friends, that by the time I am with them, I’m lit like Johnny Christmas tree. I feel bad avoiding my friends and feel I want to remain connected to all of them.

It is important to keep social connections in order to have a network of people there to keep you occupied and grounded. Thankfully, I have an abundance of support from my wife and family, but in the friend front, nothing but tumbleweeds blowing in the wind and some spaghetti western music.

What are some options for connecting with community?

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