Is the Bucket Full or Empty?

I want you to imagine your life as a giant Bucket. Depending on who you are, this Bucket can be as big or any kind of Bucket you like– mine’s a giant Justice League sand Bucket right now.

Now life is filled with big things and little, little moments and big, and everything in between. So, you start piling in big rocks the size of golf balls. These rocks are battered, broken, scarred, some have jagged edges, some are smooth as a baby’s bottom. Now as you shovel these rocks in, always remember that your Bucket is not transparent. So you can’t easily tell the shape all the rocks are in when you add them. These rocks represent the important things in your life: family, friends, your health and the passions that drive you. Not all are always good for you, but a big chunk of room they still fill.

Next, you begin dumping 100’s of Sour Patch Kids into the Bucket. They are malleable, so they bend and contort in order to fit around all those big rocks comfortably. Sometimes, the temp rises in the Bucket and the Kids can melt into and cover certain rocks, mucking up the works. These delicious candies, both sour and sweet, represent your car, home, job and other aspects of importance.

At this point the Bucket may seem a little heavy at times. Many would call it a day and say the Bucket is too full. But most of us decide to fill all the little spaces in between with a nice big mound of sand. Now, sand creeps into everything. It’s the little grains. The ones that sneak into your Sour Patch Kids, further degrading and roughing up everything. This is all the small thing in life that take so much attention and time but you MUST do.

I’m sure you are thinking, “this thing is too much! No way I can take anymore. ” and, at times. It may be too much. But remember, you can always walk closer to the ocean and let the waves crash over and into the Bucket. The water is purifying. It can wash over the tainted Sour Patch Kids, or even wash them out all together. It can smooth the edges of the rocks and wash away the scars while jettisoning all the sand.

So, enjoy building castles in the sand. Create. Live. Love. And, when things get overwhelming, take a walk closer to the tide and take it all in.

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