Parenting and Bipolar Disorder

Remember, sleep is essential for those with BPD. children are often the enemy of sleep, keeping her at bay and leaving you from her loving embrace. It helps to have a significant other who is supportive, but even then my wife and I seem to struggle with getting sleep. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Parenting and Bipolar Disorder

  1. Firstly, thanks for following my blog.

    Bedtime routines? Essential for every parent and child, more so for mental health. You know what is happening at what time. I don’t know how bedtimes are; calm, quiet affairs, or fraught with anxiety. Sleep hygiene. I’m terrible at it, or I am these days. With your child, have your normal routine, have a calming music or story CD, or child’s meditation app. Play the music after you’ve done story time. It should, he says, help calm bedtime.

    Parenting style, overall. Does yours fit your mental health. I’m not a great one to preach here. If your life is full of anxiety, parenting need not be one. I read books on parenting before becoming a Dad. A resounding tenet of parenting is to love, not just your child but yourself. Here is where I fall down. I love calm time with TLM, I love reading to him. Noise is a no when I am agitated. Slowly, I have got better at explaining, I still have moments where it creeps up on me.

    What happens after child has gone to bed? Do you set a time for your own bed? Interact with your partner? It’s ok to fall asleep with your child! I’ve done it on countless times!

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    1. We try to have a routine but it is hard because my wife doesn’t get home until after 6 pm so we have to eat and bathe and get t o children to bed. Myvdaufhter and son also happen to be in a stage where they’re fighting every other second to the noise has become a problem for me as well. It is chaotic (not helping).

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