Evolution and BPD

I have read a few articles lately suggesting those with BPD have a gene that most have lost through evolution. Primal man had to deal with predators, so fight or flight and unusual sleeping patterns were common. Thus springs the theory, BPD is actually a survival mechanism left within some of us even after thousands of years of evolution. Look it up, there is science backing some of this. Furthermore, scientists have also made claims that trauma can be passed through our DNA from generation to generation. These two theories got me to thinking and I began looking back through my lineage. Question: How many people with BPD are descendants of combat veterans? I’m looking mostly at WW2 but later conflicts are relevant too. Intriguing right? Now most of the studies looked at relatives of Holocaust survivors, but I believe the theory is sound. I would imagine those prolonged periods of stress during wartime conflict might bring out primitive genes within our DNA. What do you think? Comments?

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