A Fight Against Yourself: Nietzsche, Bipolar Disorder and OCD

I feel some may need an explanation for the quote. Some readers may be reading to be more informed for a loved one with Bipolar Disorder. I think most living with BPD would agree there is definitely a compulsive component the disorder. I find it hard to avoid impulsive decisions even when I am not manic. Often, I have read, or it has been suggested: that routine and often exercise are excellent tools to tame the manic beast. The danger with this advice is that moderation is the key to any form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or self-conditioning and that is one area in which many struggle, let alone one with BPD. Becoming obsessive about anything is dangerous, but even more so with those battling compulsive or impulsive behavior. Don’t tackle the Bipolar monster and in so doing, create another thing to battle.

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